• I am thankful for you

    Bill LaMorey / November 26, 2014
    As I expressed at the end of my message this past Sunday, I am so thankful for our church. Not the programs or even the services, but the people! I often marvel at how God has assembled such a wonderfully diverse, creative, bold and gifted group of people together in our local church, and am humbled that I get to serve here as pastor. Even as I type this many specific faces are flooding my mind. I fully agree with Paul when he says, "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." (Philippians 1:3, NLT) I… Read More
  • Are you out of line?

    Bill LaMorey / November 13, 2014
    When our tires aren't aligned on our cars it turns us in a direction we don't want to go, it harms our vehicle and potentially can harm ourselves and others. The same can happen when our lives are out of line! This Sunday we continue in our Race & Redemption series with a message entitled, "Out of Line." We'll examine how to know when we're out of line, what the line is, and how to get back in line in any area with a specific emphasis on race. I hope to see you there! Blessings, -Bill PS: If you miss… Read More
  • This Might Not Be For You…

    Michael Daigle / November 11, 2014
    On Sunday, March 15th, Calvary Fellowship church in West Hartford will hold our quarterly membership class.  Is this class for you?  Maybe.  Are you invited?  Absolutely.  Let’s dig into this a little more. First of all, you need to be careful because this class is a bit countercultural.  But hey, God’s given us a mission to revolutionize lives in the Greater Hartford area and that doesn’t happen by simply going along with the status quo! Listen, if you simply want to sit back and put life on cruise control - you should probably just chill elsewhere.  If you only want to focus… Read More
  • Dr. David Anderson

    Chip Anthony / October 27, 2014
    Dr. David Anderson, founder and President of the BridgeLeader Network (BLN), is one of the world's leading authorities on building bridges across the deep divides of race, faith, culture and wealth. His work has brought hope and healing to communities, families and people in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Wherever there is a divide, Anderson seeks to build a bridge through relevant and intelligent conversation. His insight, vision, and passion have made him a widely sought speaker, writer, and consultant for major national and international events and policy initiatives. He has appeared on ABC, FOX, BET,… Read More
  • This Weekend

    Bill LaMorey / October 17, 2014
    I truly hope you are enjoying the Race & Redemption series and the conversations happening with it in our Home Fellowships. This Sunday we continue in the series with a message entitled "Unlikely Friends." We hope you'll join us on Sunday! Also this weekend, Calvary Fellowship will be connecting with our community via the Park Road Parade. As is our tradition, the Calvary band will be performing on top of a moving truck while a swarm of us hand out candy, balloons and invitations to church. We could really use your help! Please click here to sign up if you… Read More
  • United We Stand

    Bill LaMorey / October 9, 2014
    The United States of America seems to be having a hard time living up to our name. More than ever we are bitterly divided over so many issues -including race. As challenging and difficult as this is, it provides us a unique opportunity to reveal God's plans and purposes to our world. In this Sunday's message we'll continue in our Race & Redemption series with a message called "United We Stand." In this message we'll talk about how unity among God's people is an attractive witness to a watching world, and we'll discuss what we need to know and do… Read More
  • Can We All Get Along?

    Bill LaMorey / October 2, 2014
    Do you remember Rodney King's famous question in the midst of the 1992 L.A. Riots; "Can we all get along?" 22 years later we are still wrestling with this, and on Sunday our church is going to attempt to answer that question. This Sunday is the launch of our big fall campaign, "Race and Redemption." In our first message, "Can We All Get Along?" we will set the framework for the series and setup the conversation we'll be having over the next 8 weeks. Sundays will be helpful, but to really enter the conversation, you'll also need to sign up… Read More
  • Are You Putting Me On?

    Bill LaMorey / August 22, 2014
    This past Sunday we talked about some things we need to put off as followers of Jesus. As we continue in our Roots & Wings series this Sunday we'll be talking about some things we need to put on as followers of Christ in a message called "Are You Putting Me On?". We aren't called to perfection yet, but we are called to model for the world the great work God is doing in us. Read ahead (Colossians 3:12-17) and then join us this Sunday to see what we need to put on and how we can do it. Blessings,… Read More
  • How do you start a Revolution?

    Michael Daigle / July 23, 2014
    Calvary Fellowship’s mission is to revolutionize lives through the revelation of God as a church in West Hartford, Connecticut. So the question must be asked, “How exactly do you start a revolution?” Don’t worry, we’re not recruiting for a local militia.  It’s actually a lot easier! Simply attend our upcoming membership class and learn more about our strategy for seeing lives revolutionized.  At the class we will explain our core set of values which lay the foundation for all that we do as a church.   These values are the framework for helping us all grow closer to Jesus, and the… Read More
  • A Cause to Party!

    Chip Anthony / June 18, 2014
    It seems like yesterday to me that a small group of us gathered in the basement of the Elmwood Community Center to hold our very first church service. Despite humble beginnings, limited resources and a challenging ministry environment, we had a big vision and a great hope that God would do extraordinary things in us and through us. 9 years later we are amazed by all God has done and is doing in our church! We don't want to take any of this for granted or miss the opportunity to celebrate what God is doing, which is why we are… Read More
  • Are You Ready?

    Bill LaMorey / June 15, 2014
    Are you ready?!? Jesus warned His followers to not be so caught up in day to day life that they lose focus of and are ill-prepared for His return. This Sunday we'll contrast a very wise and a very foolish way to live our lives as we continue in our Jesus Stories series unpacking the Parable of the Ten Virgins. As we do we'll talk about what it means to be ready and unready for Jesus' return and the repercussions of each. And don't forget about our location change: This Sunday (6/15) we are meeting at Sedgwick Middle School since… Read More
  • It’s Not Fair

    Bill LaMorey / May 29, 2014
    "It’s not fair.” How often have we heard that? How often have we said that? Well, the truth is, sometimes life isn’t fair. But what about God. Is God fair? In some ways maybe He isn’t. And maybe that’s a good thing. This Sunday we’re going to explore this idea as we continue in our Jesus Stories series with a message I’m calling “God’s Unfair Grace.” Click here to read ahead & then join us this Sunday as we unpack what’s commonly called the Parable of the Laborers. Blessings, Bill PS: This will be a great message for people that… Read More
  • New Website Feature

    Chip Anthony / May 12, 2014
    Hi Everyone, Seeing that you made it to our new website, I wanted to highlight a new feature that is included. If you are like me, you are probably very busy, and it's easy to lose track of what's going on in your life.  Our new website now has a way to help you stay in touch with Calvary Fellowship events, and easily add them to your digital calendar. For example, if you were to check out this event.  You will find some general information about the Newcomers Potluck.  But, you will also see a button on the bottom of… Read More
  • Free Mother’s Day Photos & the Good Samaritan

    Bill LaMorey / May 7, 2014
    This weekend at Calvary is not to be missed! This Sunday we continue our annual tradition of celebrating Moms on Mother's Day with FREE family portraits for everyone. To accommodate everyone we will have three professional photographers at service this Sunday taking family photos that you can pick up the following week. And yes, if Mom isn't around we'll be happy to take a pic of you and that someone special. Portrait sittings begin at 9:15 AM. Click here for more details. Also this Sunday we'll continue in our Jesus Stories talking about one of Jesus' classic parables, the parable… Read More
  • Women’s Prayer Retreat

    Kristin Chace / April 23, 2014
    Don't Miss the Women's Prayer Retreat! Spend a day away from your busy schedule to draw closer to God and to other women from Calvary! We will have a perfect blend of refreshing worship, teaching and discussion and personal prayer and reflection. Let's explore together what it means to "Remain in His Love". Join us Saturday, May 3  9am-3pm on the beautiful campus of the Master's School in West Simsbury, CT. Cost is $20 and includes lunch. Space is limited; sign up today right here. Payment deadline is this Sunday. I Can't wait to see what God has in store… Read More
  • Celebrating Easter!!!

    Chip Anthony / April 21, 2014
    A BIG thank you to everyone who came to our Easter service. We were honored to spend the morning with you & we hope you enjoyed the service. We also have to say an EXTRA BIG thank you to the hundreds of volunteers today - you guys were awesome and you made it happen! 16 people indicated they dedicated their lives to Christ today and 1410 were in attendance (a record by far). Praise God & Happy Easter!!! Read More
  • Important Details

    Bill LaMorey / April 18, 2014
    Hi Everyone, Happy Maundy Thursday! Just a couple quick details so you can be equipped to celebrate this Holy Week with us: Good Friday -We are having a 1-hour family friendly Good Friday service at 5PM on Friday at Conard. We will reflect on scripture, revere in worship and realign with Communion. Easter services -We are having two identical 1-hour Easter services at 8:30 & 11:00 AM on Sunday at Conard. Each service will be followed by an egg hunt for kids. NOTE: The weather will be great and we are expecting record-breaking attendance so please plan accordingly. We encourage… Read More
  • Welcome to Our New Site!

    Chip Anthony / April 1, 2014
    Hi Everyone, You may have noticed that things look a little different at!  We have been working very hard on our brand new website and we are very excited about how it came out.  I would encourage you to browse around and get a feel for how everything works. Many of our features have changed and made it easier for you to use.  For example, check out the new sermons page.  You will find it easy to browse by series, speaker or topic.  This is one of the many updates that have made the site better for a user.… Read More