• Be Kind

    Bill LaMorey / November 15, 2019

    Did you know that Wednesday, 11/13, was World Kindness Day? Honestly, I don’t know either the origin or the impact of this day, but I like it. I know that our world would be a whole lot better off with a whole lot more kindness. More importantly, God knows that which is why His word instructs us to be kind. But what does that look like, how do we do it, and what impact will it make if we do? We’ll explore all of that this Sunday as we continue in our “Living in the Flow” series with a message called “Living in the Flow of Kindness.”

    I hope you’ll be there and I hope you’ll be kind enough to bring a friend who needs to know the kind God we love and serve!



    P.S. Don’t forget to fill out the Talents form from Dave’s message last Sunday!