• Focus and Fun!

    Bill LaMorey / September 5, 2019

    Light diffused can light up a room, but light focused has laser like power. The same is true in life. A life diffused can do some cool things and light up some spaces, but a life focused is a laser like force that’s powerful and can do great things! That’s the topic of my message this Sunday called “Living a Focused Life” from Philippians 3:12-14.

    Immediately after service is our Back 2 School Bash! The goal is to have fun together as a church family, and to get focused this fall on faith in a serious way. To that end, there will be activities, bounce houses, a pizza truck, an iced coffee bar, yard games and more fun. There will also be booths set up to offer us all some guidance for focused spiritual growth in the season ahead.

    Don’t miss it!

    – Bill

    P.S. Both the message and the celebration make this Sunday the perfect opportunity to invite a friend. Hit them up now before you forget or before they make other plans!