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Join us Sundays at 10am at Conard High School as we meet for worship and teaching at 110 Beechwood Road, West Hartford.

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In this message from Hebrews 4-5 Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater preaches about the confidence we can build when we place our trust in Christ.
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Brian Wagner

Are You up for an Adventure This Summer?

By Brian Wagner Since 2009 I have been going to McDowell County, WV to work with low wealth families, ensuring that their homes are dry and safe. In 2015-2016 my family moved to War, WV, in the heart of McDowell County in order… Continue Reading

Do You Need Rest?

By Bill LaMorey Hebrews 4 tells us that we have a promise from God to enter into His rest. Yet, many of us are restless and weary. Rest may be what we desire most, but sometimes it can be hard to actually experience.… Continue Reading