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Our mission is to partner with parents and caregivers to help lead their children into a relationship with Jesus and to grow in their faith. Since no one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than his or her caretakers, we want to support you as you integrate Biblical truths into your child(ren)’s everyday lives.

Our Sunday programming is designed specifically to reinforce truths about God in meaningful, developmentally-appropriate ways for your child. Click here to learn more about our environments from nursery through middle school or here to read about other options on Sunday mornings.

Safety is a top priority in Calvary Kids. To ensure kids’ safety, we perform a complete background check on anyone who serves in Calvary Kids. Serving teammates are trained on the policies in place to keep kids safe from check-in to check-out. Each child receives a name tag with a unique alphanumeric code that is changed each week that ensures we can contact families during service and children are returned to their rightful guardians after service.

If your child needs you at any time, you will see your child’s security code on the video screen in the main auditorium. At that time, please return to the check-in station or to your child’s classroom. If you would like to hear the remaining portion of the church service, a live video feed will be available in the family area near the auditorium.

Special Needs/Allergies
During the check-in process, parents will have the opportunity to make note of any special needs, developmentally or physically. This would include letting us know of specific food allergies your child may have. This information will then print out on the check-in tag so that our teachers are notified and can plan accordingly.
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Partnering with parents and caregivers to help lead your children into a relationship with Jesus.