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Bill LaMorey - May 13, 2018

My Family is Driving me _____________?

In this message from Ephesians 6:1-4 Pastor Bill challenges us to consider what is driving our family and where that is taking us. He also offers a biblical vision for our families that will lead us to a destination where we are blessed and God is pleased.

From Series: "Life: What's Driving You?"

Sometimes we make great time cruising down the road of life only to wonder where are we going and why we are headed in this direction. If we dig deeper we may consider if what is driving us and the direction we are headed are best? In our new series, "Life: What’s Driving You?” we are going to explore where we are headed in some core areas of life, consider why we are going the way we are, and discuss how to make a course correction wherever one is required with God’s help.

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