Helping Hands/Hammers

The objective of the Helping Hands ministry is to give people at Calvary the opportunity to help others within the church body by offering practical assistance.

Helping Hands

“Supporting people at times of need in their lives by offering practical assistance”

We all have times in our lives when we need a helping hand. The ladies of helping hands can bring a meal, run errands or provide childcare to a family with a newborn child, an illness or a recent death.

Need Help? Click here to request some practical assistance. We will contact you and connect you with people who can offer help.

Help Others? Click here to be added in our database of helpers. We will contact you when a request for assistance that matches your skill-set comes to our attention.

To find out more about the Helping Hands ministry, or if you have any questions about the application, email the ministry or call the office at (860) 231-9957.

Helping Hammers

“Mobilizing work teams to meet the practical needs of the church and to strengthen fellowship with one another.”

Helping Hammers is a group of people from Calvary Fellowship seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus by using their skills and talents to address practical needs within Calvary Fellowship.

Who Helping Hammers assists:  Helping Hammers seeks to come alongside those within the body of Calvary Fellowship who are in need of practical assistance with home projects and maintenance. We will gladly assess your need, and determine if it is within our scope and capacity to meet that need.  Anything from raking leaves to mowing a yard to cleaning out the gutters, we can have a team mobilized to help you prepare for the coming seasons.

Contacting Helping Hammers for Assistance:  There are several ways in which you can get in touch with Helping Hammers and let us know of your need:

  1. Click here to request assistance.
  2. Put a note to us on the connection card on Sunday morning and drop it in the offering bucket.
  3. Email Helping Hammers

Interested in serving with Helping Hammers?  Click Here