• A Beautiful Thing

    Bill LaMorey / October 7, 2015

    Is your life challenging right now? Do circumstances seem to be conspiring against you making life unbearable? Are people that should be supporting you instead challenging you and questioning your actions and/or your motivations? Do you sometimes wonder if all the sacrifices you make for God and others are really worth the great cost?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, I can relate you you. However, to avoid feeling defeated we need to be reminded that through it all God is doing a beautiful thing! This Sunday we’ll see this as we cover Mark 14:1-9 in a message I’m calling “A Beautiful Thing.” I hope to see you there!



    PS: So many of you have been bringing your friends and family to Calvary with you -thank you! Why not take the time right now to text or call someone God has placed on your heart to join you at service this weekend?