• A Powerful Story of Hope

    Bill LaMorey / December 3, 2014

    Last night I watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with my children. If you recall Charlie Brown was miserable, confused and depressed because the true Christmas story had been so obscured to him by all the competing narratives. In the same way we can find ourselves miserable, confused and depressed in life because God’s story can be obscured by all the competing narratives.

    This Sunday we are going to be reminded of the power of the gospel to transform any life that God gets a hold of. Professor/author/speaker Christopher Yuan will share his story of being called out of a self-destructive lifestyle which included drug abuse, homosexuality, divorce, suicidal thoughts, and into a life of hope and redemption with God. He will also share how we as Christians can reach out and offer the hope and love the gospel offers to the gay and lesbian community, who have often felt ostracized and judged by the church at large and thus have had God’s story obscured to them.

    Charlie Brown ended up being filled with joy when the real Christmas story, a story of hope, became clear to him. My prayer is that we will be filled with joy as the gospel becomes clearer to us as Christopher shares his story; reminding us that God can bring hope to us and help dispel WHATEVER misery, confusion and depression we or our loved ones may currently be carrying.

    I hope to see you Sunday!


    PS: This past Sunday we shared the 3 great causes this year’s Christmas Offering will benefit. Click here to learn what they are and/or click here if you wish to help us reach our goal!