• Are Few Things About Sunday

    Bill LaMorey / March 1, 2019

    I have a few things I’d like to pass along to you about service this week.

    Join us as we conclude our “What We Want for You” series! I’ve very much enjoyed being able to share with you what staff and church leaders desire for the spiritual growth of our body. If you missed any part of this series, click here to catch up.

    This Sunday we have a baptism scheduled! One of my favorite parts about being a pastor is having the privilege of baptizing individuals. I hope you can make it out, even if you’re not getting baptized come out and support those who are. You can find more details about the baptism here.

    3) As we mentioned last week,this Sunday’s service will be in the cafeteria. This is due to Conard’s spring play. This will impact some areas of the Children’s Ministry. We are asking people to arrive early and park in the front lot. For all the details on how you may be impacted please click here. Have a good weekend and I hope to see you soon.