• All In!

    Bill LaMorey / February 26, 2015

    The church was born by the power of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God on earth until Jesus’ return. From the very beginning God made it clear that church was not a casual affiliation, but rather He expected His church to be all in!

    In Calvary Fellowship’s new series “All In” we’re going to look at how our local church helps advance God’s kingdoms locally and globally and how every single person who calls our church home needs to be ALL IN to reach our full redemptive potential. Check out the series preview video here.

    We hope you’ll be “All In” for the series kick-off this Sunday!



    PS: If you weren’t at service this past Sunday you missed a powerful message as Brett Morgan shared his amazing story. The good news is you can watch it right here right now. I recommend you do!