• Are You Ready To Go Back To School?

    Bill LaMorey / August 27, 2015

    This week, like many parents, I dropped my children off for their first day back at school. I felt a mixture of sadness to see the summer fun go, and excitement for the regular rhythms that the fall puts back in place for us.

    As a pastor I’ve observed that one of the regular rhythms fall brings is a renewed focus on church attendance and spiritual growth. That’s one reason we launch a Fall Campaign every October. But you don’t have to wait until then to dig deep into the study of God’s word!

    This Sunday Jesus takes us to school as He teaches us three lessons that He teaches His followers on the road of discipleship. In this message, “On the Road” from Mark 10:32-52, we’ll discuss some important lessons Jesus teaches about suffering, serving and seeing from God’s perspective.

    So sharpen your pencils, grab your bibles, and get ready to go back to school this Sunday!