• Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

    Bill LaMorey / February 20, 2020

    Do you need a major breakthrough in life? Do you need God’s help in a powerful way? Maybe you need a breakthrough to stop a bad habit, seek guidance and direction, experience relational reconciliation and healing, or to move into greater intimacy with God. This Sunday we are going to talk about a spiritual discipline that is all about helping us seriously seek God in a way that helps us breakthrough with His help.

    This is the second part, of our “Get Up and Walk!” series. If you missed part one, PLEASE watch it here before our next service to be all caught up.

    As this photo shows we had a special moment at last Sunday’s service in which so many people came forward to get serious with God! So don’t miss the next one–be sure to get up and walk (or drive) to church this Sunday!