• Can We All Get Along?

    Bill LaMorey / October 2, 2014

    Do you remember Rodney King’s famous question in the midst of the 1992 L.A. Riots; “Can we all get along?” 22 years later we are still wrestling with this, and on Sunday our church is going to attempt to answer that question.

    This Sunday is the launch of our big fall campaign, “Race and Redemption.” In our first message, “Can We All Get Along?” we will set the framework for the series and setup the conversation we’ll be having over the next 8 weeks.

    Sundays will be helpful, but to really enter the conversation, you’ll also need to sign up for a Home Fellowship. Each of our Home Fellowships will be discussing questions/conversation points from the weekly messages as well as the book, “Gracism” by Dr. David Anderson. Click here to register for a group now.

    Please pray as we tackle this important, sensitive issue and please participate by showing up.

    I hope to see you Sunday!



    PS: Bring a friend who you think would benefit by joining the conversation. You can use this Facebook event to invite them now!