• Get up and Walk!

    Bill LaMorey / February 14, 2020

    Do you feel like your faith is growing strong and steady or are you kind of just limping along and maybe stuck? Is there someone in your life whom you look up to because of their strong, enduring faith? Just know that faith like that doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time. When we see Christians who live with such extraordinary faith, we have to remember that their transformation happened in large part through cultivating spiritual disciplines. What are spiritual disciplines and why are they essential for a follower of Jesus? I’m so glad you asked!

    I’m excited to embark on our new seven-week, “Get up and Walk!” series this Sunday! In our series we’ll dive into spiritual next steps that will grow your faith and your relationship with Christ as we evaluate where you can redirect your energy to partner with God in the revolutionizing work He wants to do in your life. This Sunday is an IMPORTANT setup and call to action for everything that will follow.

    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!