• How do you start a Revolution?

    Michael Daigle / July 23, 2014

    Calvary Fellowship’s mission is to revolutionize lives through the revelation of God as a church in West Hartford, Connecticut.

    So the question must be asked, “How exactly do you start a revolution?”

    Don’t worry, we’re not recruiting for a local militia.  It’s actually a lot easier!

    Simply attend our upcoming membership class and learn more about our strategy for seeing lives revolutionized.  At the class we will explain our core set of values which lay the foundation for all that we do as a church.   These values are the framework for helping us all grow closer to Jesus, and the closer we and the people around us come to God the greater the revolution.

    Now, you may be asking “Why membership?  I already attend Calvary.”  First, we want to be clear that the class is not some high-pressure presentation that leaves you feeling like you need to purchase a timeshare in the Bahamas.  We simply want to share our vision and how you can play a larger, more committed role in it.

    The class is packed full of information about Calvary and is a great opportunity to learn more about the ministry God has called us to.  The membership class will include:

    A review of the church’s budget.
    Details about Calvary’s “Go Big” building campaign.
    Each staff member sharing about their areas of ministry.
    The history of Calvary, where we are currently, and our vision for the future.
    Plenty of time to ask any questions you have.

    Sign up here for our next membership class from 1pm to 4pm on August 17th.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the revolution!