• How to Face the Storms of Life

    Bill LaMorey / May 22, 2015

    Everybody faces overwhelming, tumultuous storms in life that come upon us without warning and without a clear or easy way out. The natural reaction in these times is fear, but the Christian response is faith. How do we move from fear to faith? That’s what we’re going to talk about this Sunday in a message called “Facing the Storms of Life” as we explore Mark 4:35-41. I definitely encourage you to read ahead.

    I also encourage you to plan to join us at church this Sunday. I realize it is a holiday weekend and many of you will be traveling, but if you’re around be sure to join us. We have a great service planned that we believe will build your faith, tackle your fears and glorify God.

    The storms will come, let’s prepare for them now!



    PS: This is a great weekend to bring a friend who is exploring faith or going through a difficult time!