• I am thankful for you

    Bill LaMorey / November 26, 2014

    As I expressed at the end of my message this past Sunday, I am so thankful for our church. Not the programs or even the services, but the people!

    I often marvel at how God has assembled such a wonderfully diverse, creative, bold and gifted group of people together in our local church, and am humbled that I get to serve here as pastor. Even as I type this many specific faces are flooding my mind.

    I fully agree with Paul when he says, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” (Philippians 1:3, NLT)

    I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day holiday enjoying your families, reflecting on and expressing gratitude especially to God, and yes eating lots of great food!

    I also hope you know that though I’m sure I don’t say it enough, I am truly thankful for you.