• I Need Your Help

    Bill LaMorey / March 25, 2016

    Hi Everyone,

    The big day that we’ve been praying for and planning for for months is here this weekend, Easter Sunday!

    To maximize this Resurrection Sunday I am asking you to do three things:

    1. Show up! It wouldn’t be the same without you! We are expecting the 11 AM service to be packed so if you can attend the 8:30 service that will help.
    2. Speak up! Invite your peeps. We’ve been talking about this for awhile, but we’re down to the wire. Be bold, be kind and simply invite someone who doesn’t know Jesus to come to the service. That’s it. The rest is up to Jesus.
    3. Pray up! Pray especially that God would work powerfully in the hearts of the guests who don’t yet know Christ, and in the lives of the hundreds of people serving this weekend to make it all happen.

    Reminder: We have two identical one-hour services planned (8:30 & 11 AM) each followed by an egg hunt for the kids. The weather forecast looks perfect!

    Blessings and see you on Easter Sunday!


    PS: Before the resurrection was the crucifixion. Be sure to join us as we contemplate the cross at our Good Friday service tonight at 5pm at Conard.