• Jesus is Our Hero

    Bill LaMorey / February 16, 2018

    The start of a new series is always a great opportunity to invite a friend to church. This Sunday we begin our five-part “Vision & Values” series. As individuals, we all have values we uphold, and the same is true for Calvary Fellowship. Each week we’ll take a look at one of our core values and look at it from the perspective of scripture. Our hope is that we as a church embody these values, are strengthened by them, and if we lack them–what an opportunity that is for us to pursue them! Sunday’s sermon title is “Jesus is Our Hero.” I’m excited to see you there!



    P.S. The town of West Hartford is RESCHEDULING the forum that discusses UConn’s West Hartford campus. It has now moved to Wednesday, 2/28. In order to attend you MUST register for one of three 90-minute time slots, and sessions are filling up fast! Click HERE to sign-up.