• Judging Jesus

    Bill LaMorey / November 12, 2015

    The TV show Law & Order ran for 20 seasons and spawned multiple series spin-offs; a television success by any standards! I didn’t see all the episodes, but I watched many of them because the show contained two of my favorite dramatic elements; police investigation and courtroom drama! Whether it’s on a TV drama or on the news most of us are fascinated to watch someone face a trial and discover the verdict and the fate of the accused.

    This Sunday the court drama comes to church as we continue in our journey through Mark. In our message, “Judging Jesus,” we’ll watch Jesus on trial and we’ll talk about a man who had the unenviable task of judging Jesus in a court of law. We’ll also see three questions He had to work through about Jesus that are the same questions that we have to answer about Him today. And that the way we judge Jesus effects us far more than it does Him.

    I hope to see you Sunday!



    PS: This is a great Sunday to invite a non-Christian friend with you!