• Lord Jesus

    Bill LaMorey / September 18, 2015

    We could, and should, spend a lifetime unpacking “the unsearchable riches of Christ.” It is God’s intention and desire that we constantly grow deeply in the love and knowledge of Jesus -there is no prescribed path for stagnation or status quo.

    One of the ways we need to explore and understand Jesus is as Lord. Yes, Jesus should be Lord over our lives, but He is Lord over so much more. This Sunday we will continue in our Kingdom series with a message called “Lord Jesus” in which we will explore 3 big things Jesus is Lord of, and how the understanding and embracing of this revelation can and will revolutionize our lives!

    So read ahead (Mark 12:18-40) and let’s get to know our Lord Jesus a little better together this Sunday.



    PS: This is an excellent week to bring a friend with you who needs to better understand Jesus!