• This Might Not Be For You…

    Michael Daigle / November 11, 2014

    On Sunday, March 15th, Calvary Fellowship church in West Hartford will hold our quarterly membership class.  Is this class for you?  Maybe.  Are you invited?  Absolutely.  Let’s dig into this a little more.

    First of all, you need to be careful because this class is a bit countercultural.  But hey, God’s given us a mission to revolutionize lives in the Greater Hartford area and that doesn’t happen by simply going along with the status quo!

    Listen, if you simply want to sit back and put life on cruise control – you should probably just chill elsewhere.  If you only want to focus on yourself and not be a part of something bigger – consider staying home.  If the word “commitment” scares you – this class will frighten you more than an email from the IRS after tax season.

    If you want to grow closer to Christ alongside a committed team of people who support and encourage you – this class is for you.  If you want to add some Turbo Sauce* to your faith and learn about ways you can take some serious next steps in this life journey with Jesus – you need to be there.  If you want to find ways to utilize the talents and treasures that God has blessed you with – yup, the membership class again. *Turbo Sauce is not gluten-free and is not a real sauce.

    So, come to the class and hear the complete vision of Calvary along with how and why we do the things we do.  Hint: it’s intentional.  We guarantee that you’ll hear at least three things about Calvary that you didn’t know beforehand.

    We believe that you’re ready to take things to the next level, if you do too then please join us on Sunday, March 15th.  For more info email or click here: