• Love in Action: Three Opportunities

    Bill LaMorey / June 7, 2018

    We’ve been talking a lot about love in action lately, and for those looking for practical ways to demonstrate love in action–we have you covered! Here are three opportunities this weekend:

    1. Celebrate! West Hartford
    This two-day festival on Sat. & Sun. draws in tens of thousands of people. This is a great opportunity for us to offer a small touch of kindness to our community and invite them to church. We hand out balloons, sunglasses and invite cards. Click here to see the shift times and to register.

    2. Revitalize
    We have another opportunity on Saturday morning. At 9am we’re partnering with Urban Alliance to distribute health resource bags, door-to-door, with the goal of helping Hartford residents improve their nutrition. Click here to sign-up.

    3. Sunday Morning Service
    We have something really special planned for Sunday about practically putting love into action in our communities with a special guest joining us from Urban Alliance. Please don’t miss it!

    I’m excited for all we have planned this weekend! If I don’t see you at Celebrate! West Hartford, I’ll see you on Sunday at Conard.