• Watch Out!

    Bill LaMorey / October 2, 2015

    This Sunday is the launch of our annual Fall Campaign. During our Campaign each year we focus on a specific area for targeted, unified growth as the teachings in our Sunday morning services connect with the discussions in our Home Fellowships.

    This year we are not launching a new series for this, but  are continuing our journey through the Gospel of Mark and expanding the discussion by introducing this topic in all of our Home Fellowships as we discuss application from the Sunday messages as well as from Tim Keller’s book about Mark, “Jesus the King.”

    This Sunday we’ll be exploring Mark 13 as we examine what Jesus said about what will happen to our world, when He will return for us, and what we should do while we wait in a message called, “Watch Out!”.

    Show up this Sunday, sign up for a Home Fellowship and let’s grow together in Christ as a church family this fall!