• Your Sex Drive

    Bill LaMorey / April 20, 2018

     I know the title may have surprised you or sounded like a spam email trying to sell you something, but I’m glad you took a chance and opened it anyway.The sex drive I am referring to has nothing to do with passion or performance but rather it is connected to belief and behavior in the context of our current series “Life: What’s Driving You?” Having looked at worship, purpose and identity we turn this week to the topic of sex. In a message entitled “Your Sex Drive” we will consider this important topic as we seek to answer these questions:

    What is driving your sex life?
    Why does this matter?
    How do you stay on the right course?

    I realize there are many singles in our church but this message is just as applicable to you in shaping your beliefs and habits in this area both now and in the future.

    I hope to see you Sunday!



    PS: Because of this topic we will not be having our regular middle school class. We are encouraging parents to bring their middle schoolers in for this topic. Conversely, due caution is given to young parents who may not want their children to hear about this topic yet.